Process discovery is the secret ingredient to better DevOps

27 June 2022
In The News

The most overlooked step in any modernization process is process discovery. Corners get cut to conserve time and resources which, often limits the business impact of modernization efforts ultimately resulting in limited productivity improvements.

Process discovery is the key to fine-tuning modernization projects, including testing and deployment, to drive the most value from both the application itself and the work to modernize it. It enables visibility across application workflows – including exceptions – allowing organizations to prioritize modernizing the tasks that are most frequent and time-consuming. This extends into DevOps testing.

Process discovery creates clear guidelines about what testing needs to happen and sets up the business to easily automate those tests. Combined, these benefits help companies increase productivity across the DevOps workflow. Teams can release application updates faster, thereby responding more quickly to employee, customer, and market needs while driving results to the organization’s bottom line. 

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