Podcast Interview with Kyle McNabb,VP of Solution Marketing at Rocket Software

24 February 2022
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Kyle McNabb is the VP of Solution Marketing at Rocket Software. He has over 25 years of experience in customer-focused products and service innovation lifecycles, developing compelling content, and implementing growth strategies. At Rocket, he drives efforts to scale solution and partner marketing to power profitable growth.

Topics Covered:

  • With enterprises seeming to rush towards integrating cloud technologies, will the legacy system in place cease to exist?
  • How do you suggest enterprises make it easy for mainframe users to easily transform their system of application and system-of-record data? How will it help to increase software developers’ productivity while accelerating the delivery of new business services?
  • What steps should be taken to connect legacy applications to the rest of the business? How does the Rocket Process Integration enable enterprises to address this while simultaneously ensuring customers and business users actually engage with the business?
  • What trends do you think will emerge in the legacy system in the coming years? If cloud computing takes over, how do businesses seamlessly migrate their applications from legacy to the cloud?

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