Overcoming challenges to digital transformation and content strategy

14 March 2022
In The News

Over the past two decades, IT professionals have been busy advancing their organization’s digital transformation goals. When the pandemic struck, the pace of these advancements accelerated. 
Suddenly, every single challenge had to be addressed by digital transformation—they were the only solutions still feasible and safe to implement. And with only a short period of time to respond to the total disruption, organizations had to act quickly.
This rapid acceleration during the shift to remote environments reshaped digital transformation priorities and challenges. Now, remote and hybrid work models have proven successful and delivered significant benefits (such as enabling companies to expand their talent pools), which is why the UK government is proposing to give all employees the right to request flexible working when they start new jobs. 

But with so many employees permanently remote or choosing a hybrid work model, the newest obstacle to digital transformation is the increasing content sprawl companies are experiencing, and how they can manage their digital content safely and efficiently.

What is content sprawl?

Content sprawl occurs when organizations enable users to create, duplicate and leverage unmanaged content to support their daily activities.
Digital content assets have increased, creating an unwieldy mass of information that is difficult to manage. Content sprawl makes it challenging for end users to find what they need, and increases the risk that...Continue reading