The Evolving Role of the CIO

31 May 2022
By Milan Shetti
In The News

As companies look to modernize their technology as quickly as possible, they’re often finding it’s harder than ever before to bring on the talent needed to do so. In today’s hot hiring market, filling tech-focused roles from CIOs to developers is proving difficult.

I have seen firsthand how the past few years have put transformation efforts into overdrive. The massive disruption we’ve experienced has led to a unique moment for leaders as businesses cannot afford for leadership to be focused on just one part of the business. This has not only led to the era of technologists as CEOs, but also the need for CIOs and other C-suite executives who deeply understand both technology and what it takes to successfully transform while continuing to deliver for customers and partners.

As a result of these changes, interim hires can play an important role on the technology front.

Whether organizations are looking to digitize more of their processes, modernize their existing infrastructure, or even help address the organizational changes that come with mergers and acquisitions, an interim CIO may be the best place to start when filling the role — it was for us at Rocket Software.

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