Content Governance is a Top Priority

28 November 2022
Automated solutions are key for businesses looking to successfully leverage content across the organization
In The News

Rocket Software has released its 2022 Survey Report: Content Management – The Movement to Modernization based on a survey of over 500 corporate IT and line of business professionals across multiple industries in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific regions. The report revealed that content and system security are paramount when it comes to content management, with 60% of respondents citing it as the most important feature in a content management solution. The findings also highlight the power and effectiveness of integrated automation to manage data that is not easily quarried or organized.

Business data has become a company’s most valuable resource. Once organizations embark on a journey to manage that data, security rightfully becomes the top concern, but respondents noted other features that would significantly improve their content management including the ability to apply automation and rules-based redaction (full or partial) to protect sensitive data (62%), the ability to manage content types regardless of size or origin (61%), having a single view of content from across multiple, disparate repositories, databases and file systems (61%) and the ability to access content anywhere, anytime on any device (60%)...Continue reading