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For many good reasons, the cloud, refactoring, and microservices are on everyone’s minds. They hold the promise of reinventing businesses and streamlining operations to drive revenue, innovation, growth, and resiliency. If your business is on the path to modernization, ask yourself, “where’s my company on this journey, and is the plan mapped out correctly?”

Organizations are taking an evolutionary approach to application development, going from monoliths to API/REST services and eventually to microservices via refactoring. This whitepaper is for anyone tasked with modernization initiatives looking for guidance on how to approach these projects. Read this whitepaper to:

  • Learn how you can develop a strategic, continuous approach to modernization in a nuanced, data-driven way
  • Determine what business drivers dictate your current and future environment
  • Apply tools and processes built to help you determine when it is best to refactor applications into microservices, when to use APIs, and when to keep your existing applications intact

Download the white paper now to learn more, or click here to speak to an expert.