A signature of DevOps is the ability to shift testing left with the right DevOps planning and development tools. The testing is conducted in the early stages of the SDLC, and involves seamless collaboration between developers, testers, and QA teams. This approach produces quality applications with fewer issues around stability and security.

Features considered in the CI/CD for IBM® i+ DevOps whitepaper:

  • Clarify Test Requirements During the Planning Phase
    Involve testers and QA teams early during planning. This clarifies the types of tests required, the tools to be used, and the agreed-upon testing conditions.
  • Adopt a Collaboration-Friendly DevOps Platform
    Enable seamless collaboration and testing between developers and testers with an end-to-end DevOps platform featuring multiple code repositories and test environments. Your chosen platform should also integrate with multi-code IBM® i applications or environments in order to facilitate testing on these popular core systems.
  • Ensure your chosen testing tool is code-agnostic

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