Customer Case Studies

Tele Columbus

Standardizes and Speeds the Software Development Process
Tele Columbus is a leader in the German cable industry. Since its founding in 1985, the Berlin-based company has grown to become the third-largest cable network operator in Germany, Europe's biggest cable market. Tele Columbus and its sister companies serve a total of approximately 3.7 million connected households through a high-performance network. Customers throughout the country rely on Tele Columbus for a range of products including analog and digital television, high-speed internet, and broadband telephone service.

The development team of more than 30 programmers traditionally relied on manual processes for the organization's software development efforts. Initially, these methods were satisfactory, if somewhat time- and labor-intensive. However, the company's success led to extremely rapid growth over a fairly short period of time. This growth included steadily increasing acquisitions, staff, and deployment of new platforms.

As their computing environment became more complex, the demand on programming resources increased accordingly. Development took longer, and it was harder for the group to meet scheduling needs. Activities became more difficult to track, let alone document. These slowdowns created new barriers to meeting audit and compliance requirements.

Frustration peaked when IT team members found that despite their best efforts, the process was inherently flawed and the potential quality risks had become too high.

The programmers were not alone in recognizing these issues. Company executives identified an urgent requirement for a centralized change management system. To address this objective, they initiated a cable, media, and logistics project code-named “Camelot.” The project's goal was to standardize all Tele Columbus Group sister companies under a central IT department.

  • Accelerated software development by a factor of 10 in one year
  • Standardized and centralized change management
  • Automated tracking and documentation for audit compliance
  • Software Change Management
  • IT Service Management
  • IT Compliance
Rocket Application Lifecycle Management
Rocket’s products are very secure and easy to use. Before, our software development process was time-consuming, and inconsistent. Now, the Rocket ALM solution makes it very difficult to make a mistake.
Sven Lorenzen
Technical Director
Tele Columbus