Rooms to Go

Personalizes the Furniture Buying Experience
Rooms to Go pioneered the concept of displaying and packaging furniture in complete room settings so that customers can easily visualize how to transform their homes with the perfect furnishings. RTG designers create pre-packaged rooms with coordinated colors, fabrics, and accessories, providing a simplified and convenient shopping experience for their customers.
The company deployed Rocket® UniVerse early in its history to help manage inventory as well as improve and enhance customer interaction. Partnering with Rocket has helped RTG grow from three showrooms in Florida in 1991 to a dominant furniture retailer in the Southeastern U.S. and Puerto Rico with annual revenues exceeding $2 billion.
  • Accelerated sales growth by 30% as a result of helping customers visualize a complete range of products and complementary accessories
  • Improved efficiency of SKU management by 20%
  • Gained ability to launch realtime promotional campaigns in response to market demands
  • Mobile furniture customization tool
MultiValue Application Platform
The UniVerse
platform is ideal for
handling complex data
with its ‘table-within-a table’
structure and one
of the key reasons why
specific promotions
can be created and
executed quickly.
Clark Godwin,
VP of Application Development,
Rooms to Go