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Rocket® Software and Pick Cloud: Partners in excellence

Pick Cloud enables Rocket’s MultiValue clients to excel on Google Cloud
Information Technology and Services
Pick Cloud enables Rocket’s MultiValue clients to excel on Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure, security, and low latency global fiber cloud network. Based in Newport Beach, California, Pick Cloud was founded by Mark Pick, who has almost a lifetime of experience in the MultiValue arena. The Pick name is synonymous with MultiValue, thanks to Mark’s father, Dick, who is widely credited as a founding father of MultiValue software. Pick Cloud has provided MultiValue cloud services since its inception nearly ten years ago.
Pick Cloud recognized that organizations running business critical MV-based applications were spending thousands of dollars for servers and configurations they would need five years down the road. But cloud computing is much more cost-effective as organizations only pay for what they need. The great thing about the cloud is that it allows organizations to quickly increase necessary resources and reduce expendable resources, empowering organizations to pay only for what they use when they use it. Adding resources can be done in as little as minutes with almost zero disruptions. Not only is the cloud cost-effective in the way of resources, but come tax time, you may get an additional benefit since cloud computing becomes an operating expense versus a capital one. Moving to the cloud also provides the same security measures and availability that the cloud providers use, thus protecting organizations’ most valuable assets: their data and applications.
  • COST-SAVING: A company can quickly increase needed resources and reduce expendable resources, permitting it to pay only for its use
  • SECURITY: The same security measures that the cloud providers use, thus protecting MV organizations’ most valuable assets—their data and applications
  • AVAILABILITY: MV customers around the globe can take advantage of Google Cloud’s 99.999% availability
As a Rocket MV Cloud Accredited Partner, we have been able to port hundreds of Pick and MultiValue users to the cloud easily and seamlessly. More importantly, the MV support team at Rocket has been incredibly easy to work with during some of these migrations from on-prem to cloud. The relationship Pick Cloud has with Rocket is an excellent partnership.
Mark Pick - CEO Pick Cloud, Inc