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Nintendo is a worldwide leader and innovator in the creation of interactive entertainment. The company’s popular home and portable video game systems, software, and services entertain millions of consumers of all ages around the globe. Based in Redmond, Washington, Nintendo of America Inc., serves as the headquarters for Nintendo's business in the Western Hemisphere. Operations and product development are both critical components of the division.


Innovation is key to Nintendo's position in a highly competitive industry. To maintain leadership and keep its highly demanding consumers satisfied, the company needed the agility to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, take advantage of technical opportunities, and continually meet rising customer expectations. Whether for the gaming population or the organization's own business operations, application development cycles needed to move quickly and smoothly.

For Nintendo development project teams working on multiple applications simultaneously on a variety of platforms, the challenges were growing exponentially. The development environment was becoming increasingly complex, and changes to applications were occurring with greater frequency.

Team members grappled with manual processes to develop, deploy, and manage applications. This labor- and time-intensive approach prevented the organization from leveraging its development resources as efficiently as possible. The impact on production time was significant.

It was also difficult for developers to detect and manage conflicting changes, or to get an exact sense of project status at different stages of the application development lifecycle. The team needed to be able to work concurrently, from the same system, yet retain the flexibility to run on a wide variety of platforms.

Just as important, Nintendo needed an effective, consistent way to track and document workflow processes for both its IT and business units workflow processes for both its IT and business units, to meet the demands of corporate auditing and compliance mandates.

With Rocket Aldon LMe in place, deployment processes are smoother and production times faster, resulting in new levels of operational efficiency for the company.
Don Birch
IS Business Manager
Nintendo of America, Inc

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