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Enhances CAD Data Exchange Process Quality and Reliability
Thermal Management
Modine Europe GmbH engineers, tests, and manufactures thermal management products, components, and systems for heat transfer and storage technology, including the automotive industry. With more than 2,200 patents, Modine sets standards for efficiency, economy, and durability. Founded in 1916 on Arthur B. Modine's vision for excellence and innovation in thermal management technology, the company's solutions are at work around the globe in a wide variety of applications and markets.

The company's European operations employees struggled with an outdated data exchange system that no longer supported common communication protocols associated with CAD data exchanges, such as Odette OFTP, ENX, and ENGDAT. In addition, administration and use of the system required labor- and time-intensive manual processes that placed a significant burden on company resources.

At a more granular level, operations identified specific trouble areas in the legacy system: TAR containers were being sent without the ".tar" extension; incoming Pro/ENGINEER files were renamed improperly by the system and could not be opened by the application; temporary files on the server were not automatically deleted; ENGDAT abstract files and the content of TAR and ZIP containers could not be viewed; and there was no transmission progress indicator. As a result, employees had no choice but to deal with these failings which equated to wasted time, unnecessary delays and reduced productivity.

Modine Europe hoped to enhance communication with its global partners and customers by implementing a new system that would support all of the common communication methods associated with CAD data exchange. To be effective, the new solution would have to significantly enhance the quality and reliability of CAD data exchange processes while eliminating the current manual steps.

  • Automated and improved the entire CAD design data exchange process
  • Improved data quality and data security
  • Enhanced communication with partners and customers, delivering a better user experience
  • B2B Supply Chain Integration
With the help of Rocket, we met the challenges we were facing with minimal risk, because we benefitted from deploying mature and reliable products that have successfully proven their value in our industry sector. We have enhanced the quality of our CAD data exchange considerably, and reduced the need for 'tracking control' in the area of data handling, data security, and the workflow between our customers and plants.
Andreas Willmann
CAD Support
Modine Europe GmbH