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Working behind the scenes to build today’s innovative automotive interior experiences world is one of the industry’s true trailblazers, redefining how people relax, work and play in their vehicles. Equipped with robust design and manufacturing capabilities, this industry pioneer is helping vehicle manufacturers worldwide redefine what it means to be behind the wheel in an age where assisted driving technologies are increasingly the norm and self-driving cars are just around the corner.

With hundreds of clients and thousands of individuals collaborating to create their winning designs, the growing company found using spreadsheets to manage users and design information increasingly untenable. Furthermore, as automotive interior designs often interact with carmakers’ valuable intellectual property — and represent value IP on their own — the supplier’s automotive partners began requiring layers of security that spreadsheets simply couldn’t handle. They desperately needed a better way to handle their data.

To that end, the supplier earnestly began its search for an automated solution to its tedious and error-prone manual data exchange processes on which the company’s designers together spent thousands of hours per year. The loss of productivity was equivalent to having multiple full-time employees on payroll doing nothing but collecting and sending data, the company.

Like other businesses in the industrial design space, the supplier uses computer aided design (CAD) software to create and store their automotive interior designs. The supplier needed a solution that could take their CAD files, which are notably complex in structure, and integrate them with their product lifecycle management (PLM) software.


Designed expressly for the needs of large manufacturing organizations that rely on global supply chains, Rocket® TRUfusion™ Enterprise completely automated away the manual exchange of CAD and PLM data, “enabling our designers to focus on their core activities, which are making our clients’ ideas come to life,” says the company’s chief operations officer. “With Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise, we’re not only responding faster to quotes, change requests, and other iterative steps throughout the product lifecycle, but we’re also delivering a truly collaborative design experience for our customers.”

Implementation was simple and quick with TRUfusion Enterprise’s out-of-the-box support for popular PLM systems such as Siemens Teamcenter, as well its ability to translate CAD data into different formats as required by a business’s unique needs. “It handled everything with ease,” the chief operations officer says. “We’ve been able to pass around files between employees and customers without losing any data integrity.”

But it’s not just efficiency that they’ve gained with TRUfusion Enterprise, the company reports. The company’s automotive partners can now rest easy knowing TRUfusion Enterprise monitors and logs every file processing and exchange step automatically, generating a complete audit trail. “It’s a single record of truth,” the chief operations officer says.

  • CAD and PLM data exchange
  • B2B supply chain integration
Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise allowed us to gain complete control over our data exchanges. Our employees are happier, our partners are happier, and with new, more efficient processes driving sales and promoting faster time-to-revenue, our bottom-line is happier, too.
Chief Operations Officer
Leading Global Automotive Interiors Supplier