Customer Case Study

Hirondelle Private Hospital

Saves hundreds of thousands of dollars with new business insights
Established in 1969, Hirondelle Private Hospital in Sydney, Australia, specializes in post-operative rehabilitation to maximize patient independence and recovery. The hospital’s services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and social welfare.

Hirondelle Private Hospital required an application that could handle a wide variety of critical functions, from managing the movement of patients in and out of the hospital to administering bills and forecasting potential growth in different parts of the business. With its focus on patient well-being, the Hospital needed a solution that would allow it to perform these tasks quickly and cost-effectively. The solution would have to remain reliable and scalable as the hospital’s operating systems, hardware, and other technology evolved over time.

The solution would also need to be flexible enough to support ad hoc reporting. In particular, hospitals negotiate with insurance companies each year about how much they earn from health funds. To successfully prepare for these negotiations, a hospital might need to categorize patients by doctor, ward, and number of days they stayed in the hospital, among other factors.

  • Delivered cost-effective quality patient care over decades with minimal change to hospital management system
  • Saved $190,000 annually for five consecutive years by negotiating better rates of return from health funds
  • Performed ad hoc data queries in minutes for complex reporting requirements to assess hospital costs
  • Hospital Management System
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David Knight
Matash Australia