Healthcare Insurance Provider

Protects Data with Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
A leading healthcare insurance provider, its subsidiaries, and affiliates provide group and individual health insurance plans, benefit products, and health and wellness services to more than 3.3 million people. A hallmark of this insurance provider operations is fast, accurate performance, with 41,000 claims per workday hour paid on behalf of its members.

As part of a nationwide association of leading healthcare plans, the healthcare insurance provider has to ensure that all of its subscriber and internal business data is fully protected in the event of a system outage, malicious attack, or natural disaster. The ability to recover subscriber and other business-related data quickly and accurately is critical to maintaining business continuity. Prior to the implementation of Rocket solutions, new data coming into the system had to be integrated into the existing disaster recovery systems manually. Traditionally, mainframe data is stored as Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) volumes. Thus, in order to add a new DASD volume to the backup process, an engineer had to manually ensure that it was properly structured and included in subsequent backups.

These types of daily tasks had become a tremendous burden, and guarding against potential errors was increasingly labor intensive. As the amount of data grew, volume backups for disaster recovery also became more complex, and backup and restore times increased.

  • Automated and simplified backup and recovery processes
  • Ensured that all tape and virtual tape data was tracked and recoverable
  • Reduced time and costs needed for reliable, secure, documented backup
  • Disaster Recovery
Rocket Mainframe
I have a great relationship with Rocket and the team has always been very responsive. Thanks to Rocket, the procedures are automated and I can rest assured that our data is secure in a disaster recovery situation. The process is now streamlined and less burdensome for the staff.
Systems Engineer
Infrastructure Engineering Services