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Based near Orlando, Florida, Frontline Insurance serves homeowners in coastal communities in the southeastern United States including Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Agents in the company's large network use a custom-built web portal that is a key part of Frontline's business operation. The portal provides agents with capabilities for writing new business, endorsing policies, executing payments, accessing policy documents, performing policy inquiries, and viewing claims information.


Frontline’s all-important agent portal was linked to a series of back-end systems, most significantly, a policy and claims administration system running on an IBM i platform. Frontline had been integrating its core policy and claims systems with the agent portal by updating files directly to the existing back-end system. This required writing data to intermediate files, rather than talking directly to the policy and claims administration systems application interface from the website. Redundant data had to be maintained simultaneously in both the web and IBM i environments.

With logic existing in two different places, the company was forced to duplicate maintenance. As an example, every time the team made a change to the back-end logic, the team also had to maintain a second change to the web environment. That process was not only cumbersome, but also meant that pushing new functionality out to web users took a great deal of time.

It often makes more sense to keep the core system that does its job really well and find exceptional technologies like Rocket API to wrap around it. Rocket has allowed us to breathe new life into our legacy system by allowing for the latest web-based user experience technologies.
Kurt Bonigut
Frontline Insurance

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