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Banorte Financial Group

Enhancing end-to-end operations with innovative monitoring technology
Financial & Banking
Banorte Financial Group is a reputable name in the Mexican financial industry. Founded in 1899, Banorte is one of Mexico’s four largest banking institutions in terms of assets and loans and has the longest tenure managing the country’s pension and retirement funds, called Afores. The group’s operations consist of 1,269 branches, 7,297 ATMs, and 5,200 certified commercial deposit locations throughout the country.
In 2008, Banorte Financial Group faced several production issues along its mainframe’s Logical Partitions (LPARs) that were negatively affecting operations and productivity experience, as well as leaving the company vulnerable to regulatory infractions. LPARs are individual systems created by dividing a mainframe processor’s memory and storage into multiple sets of resources. Each of these resources manages different functions within an operation. An LPAR’s size and speed are determined by the system’s Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS). The larger the output needed from a particular LPAR, the more MIPS would need to be added. The problem? Banorte was still operating with an outdated monitoring system consisting of Excel spreadsheets to identify workloads and estimate MIPS. An inadequate overview of the company’s LPARs led to CPU bottlenecks that could halt operations and lead to delays or late completion of batch processing—making the jobs of Banorte IT staff more difficult and potentially leading to negative impacts for Banorte’s internal users. The lack of transparency also left the company’s operational team in the dark about what was causing the CPU bottlenecks.
  • Time Savings: Rocket TMON PA has enabled Banorte to identify and resolve issues faster as well as generate and utilize reports in a fraction of the time.
  • Cost Savings: Using TMON PA to successfully track LPAR performance has allowed teams to determine and distribute adequate MIPS into individual LPARs – reducing costs from over or under utilization of MIPS.
  • Transparency: The advanced monitoring capabilities of TMON PA allowed Banorte to quickly determine and eliminate degradation of its CPUs during peak business hours.
Using TMON PA’s automated reporting, I can generate easily digestible mainframe behavioral reports to present to leadership. The reports that would take weeks to develop are now available in a few hours with TMON PA. These reports have helped Banorte’s leadership make educated decisions about operations and the company moving forward.
Jorge Ortega, Deputy director of technical architecture, Banorte Financial Group