American Legal Publishing

Generates New Revenue Providing Timely Access to Municipal Codes
American Legal Publishing specializes in creating and publishing codified ordinances for local governments ranging from large cities with cutting-edge legislation to small towns with fewer than 1,000 citizens. American Legal Publishing has supplemented, published, and distributed the ordinance codes of more than 2,000 municipalities and organizations of all sizes.
State, county, city, and municipal codes are complex and frequently updated. Builders, developers, and inspectors need to be able to quickly search thousands of police, fire, zoning, and administrative codes. To make these codes widely available for its clients on an on-demand basis, American Legal Publishing required a way to create and deploy cost-effective, easy-to-use reference libraries. The ideal solution would have to assemble and deploy publications for a large variety of clients while segmenting the information into customized views for each user. In addition to being secure, the right solution would also have to allow for customization of formats, fonts, styles, and other functionality.
  • Enabled easy code updates to keep up with rapid legislative changes, giving American Legal Publishing a competitive edge
  • Delivered customizable, searchable access to codes segmented by audience, opening up new markets
  • Created a new revenue service based on delivering timely legislative updates
  • Publishing
Rocket Folio has helped us become one of the national competitors in legal publishing, and one of the top local code publishers in the country.
Todd Myers
Vice President
Major Client Services
American Legal Publishing