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Customer Case Study

American Legal Publishing

Generating Revenue Growth Through Enhanced Accessibility
American Legal Publishing specializes in creating and publishing codified ordinances for local governments ranging from large cities with cutting-edge legislation to small towns with fewer than 1,000 citizens. American Legal Publishing has supplemented, published, and distributed the ordinance codes of over 2,000 municipalities and organizations of all sizes.
American Legal Publishing needed an intuitive and flexible content publishing platform to enhance coding ordinance accessibility for its clients.
  • Accessibility: Thanks to Rocket® NXT, American Legal Publishing set a new market standard in code ordinance accessibility, enabling web and mobile access to users.
  • Customization: Rocket® Folio streamlines search and coding updates by allowing users to adjust content directly within their Infobase.
  • Revenue Growth: Rocket Folio’s on-demand searchability has created a new supplemental revenue service for the company to track, update, and host legislation for clients.
  • Publishing
Rocket Folio has helped us become one of the national competitors in legal publishing and one of the top local code publishers in the country.
Todd Myers
Vice President
Major Client Services
American Legal Publishing