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in-akustik GmbH & Co. KG

Improves Communications Efficiency and Data Exchange Control
Audio Technology
For nearly 40 years, the name in-akustik has stood for superior sound quality in the audio and hi-fi industry. A division of the Braun group, in-akustik is headquartered in Germany and is dedicated to marketing and developing innovative hi-fi, video, and multimedia cables and accessories. The company offers more than 22,000 products, including multimedia installations that combine high-end sound technology with stylish furnishings. A important pillar of the company’s success is the “Music & Media” product area which includes CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and vinyl records with extraordinary sound quality from genres such as Blues, Jazz, Classical Music, Rock and Pop. In addition, in-akustik also resells high-quality third-party products including speakers and amplifiers.
Faced with increasing transaction and communication demands, in-akustik decided to replace its existing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), with a system that would deliver improved control of internal workflows. In-akustik also determined the new system would have to include end-to-end process automation, with integration of the new Infor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system into the firm's EDI-based communications.
  • Enhanced efficiency and control of EDI-based communications
  • Reduced time in delivering goods to customers, building loyalty
  • Lowered remote access costs to a fraction of those associated with the former solution
  • B2B Supply Chain Integration
The new Rocket system provides uncomplicated communications and conversion processes in a secure EDI environment. It enables us to control and manage our internal workflows and external data exchange processes with our business partners.
Oliver Hengst
Purchasing Manager