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Transform and Deliver More Applications with Confidence

Rocket® DevOps solutions provide the tools and infrastructure you need to automate everything from the moment a change request arrives until a release is delivered to production. Keep your software running while using it in new and innovative ways and increasing business value.

Why Rocket DevOps?

Learn how you can extend the capabilities of Rocket DevOps for IBM i+ environments and enable continuous integration continuous deliver (CI/CD).

Need more information? With Rocket DevOps you can:

  • Enable CI/CD with automated testing built from the ground up for IBM I applications
  • Deliver holistic, simplified reporting to quickly respond to regulatory audits and SLAs
  • Standardize DevOps across the company with integrations to popular 3rd party and open-source DevOps tools
  • Enable non-RPG talent to engage and support the IBM I DevOps process, alleviating some of the bottleneck wit h RPG developers, while getting code out the door
  • Reduce errors and production outages with automated software release management tools
  • Automate everything that happens from the time a change request arises to final delivery

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