MVIS Foundations: How to use MVIS to easily extend your MV app (full webinar)

Join Steve Wingfield, Rocket Software Principal Software Engineer, as he dives into how the new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) can easily extend your existing MV app. He’ll be hosting:

  • An overview of REST
  • Open discussion of Swagger/Open API
  • A demo of how to create a data resource RESTful service, expose a subroutine as RESTful, and Swagger Definitions for each

But it doesn’t stop there! Steve will also explore the MV Developer Edition (trial) and:

  • Share examples of data/subroutines exposed as RESTful services and create a front-end UI / mobile app using React
  • Demo the AWS Marketplace, including how to quickly instantiate the MV Developer Edition and where to find examples and samples to download from Git
  • Preview future releases of MVIS 1.3 / 1.4 including vanity URLs