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Data can be your most powerful asset, but only if your team can harness its value reliably, and at scale. Organizations who maintain a complex IT infrastructure face stiff challenges when it comes to understanding and leveraging data. Staying ahead of the competition through data-driven decision-making seems impossible when 60% of data scientists are spending more time cleaning data than interpreting it. Poor data landscape visibility vastly increases the time and resources required to drive critical modernization initiatives like cloud migration and data integration. Moreover, the constant effort spent on maintaining compliance redirects resources from other data-centric strategic priorities that could otherwise lead to new innovations or revenue-generating opportunities.

With Rocket Data Intelligence, realize the full potential of modernizing data. Harness the power of a self-service data platform built on automation that spans cloud, distributed, and mainframe infrastructures. With an intuitive interface and clear visualizations, all users – regardless of their background in data science – can quickly obtain an expansive view of the organization’s data landscape.

With Rocket Data Intelligence:

  • Data teams can focus on delivering the unique value that comes from exceptional data, including uncovering opportunities to optimize costs and reduce compliance exposure.
  • IT can improve upfront planning for the data components of a modernization or growth initiative, thus leading to quicker and more reliable outcomes.
  • Lines of Business can execute business reporting more efficiently to free up resources for garnering data insights.

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