We Make Software that Matters

Rocket Software got its start on April 16, 1990 when co-founders Andy Youniss and Johann Magnusson-Gedda set out to build a different kind of software business — one where software engineers could shape company strategy and product roadmaps, and where customers are treated as partners and not numbers.

Over the years, the Rocket family has grown to include more than 1,400 Rocketeers and nearly 10 million customers that span the globe.

Much has changed, but we remain committed to helping companies around the world solve their most challenging business problems. Today, Rocket solutions help companies run their critical infrastructure, business processes, and data, as well as extend the value of these assets to create new digital user experiences and efficiencies.


Discover Our History
  1. Rocket Software

    Rocket Software lifts off from founder and CEO Andy Youniss’ garage in Millis, MA.

  2. Rocket Software

    We’re officially on the tech world’s radar with a mention in ComputerWorld magazine.

  3. Rocket Software

    We announce our first formal business arrangement with IBM. What began as a licensing agreement for Rocket QMF tools has evolved into a partnership of 20+ years, a rare occurrence in the enterprise software industry.

  4. Rocket Software

    The addition of Servergraph to the Rocket portfolio gives customers an easy way to monitor different data protection environments, as well as simplify and automate reporting.

  5. Rocket Software

    Mainframe customers get improved access to data and analytics with the addition of ASTRAC (Rocket AS) in the UK. Not only did this give us our first international office, we inherited a racehorse as part of the deal!

  6. Rocket Software

    We’re awarded our first official patent for a "method and system for determining network topology." The core idea behind the patent is still a fundamental part of our NetCure network management product.

  7. Rocket Software

    The addition of Rocket Mainstar products gives customers new systems optimization and data management solutions to help maximize the proven processing power of their mainframe infrastructure.

  8. Rocket Software

    Mainframe and IBM i customers can take advantage of new ways to access and modernize their critical systems with the addition of BlueZone and LegaSuite products.

  9. Rocket Software

    Customers gain access to business intelligence and analytics capabilities with the addition of Rocket CorVu. This acquisition also marks Rocket’s entry into the Australian market.

  10. Rocket Software

    Rocket customers have easier access to file system archiving capabilities with the addition of the Arkivio business.

  11. Rocket Software

    The UniData and UniVerse MultiValue Application Platforms find a new home at Rocket. With a partnership spanning 20+ years, and a solid track record of investing in (and growing) acquired companies, IBM felt Rocket was the ideal partner to take over this business.

  12. Rocket Software

    The addition of Rocket Aldon gives customers new access to Application Lifecycle Management tools, helping them improve software quality and simplify compliance reporting.

  13. Rocket Software

    The addition of iCluster to the Rocket portfolio gives IBM® I (AS/400) customers new high-availability/disaster recovery solutions to help ensure uninterrupted operations.

  14. Rocket Software

    The Rocket team moves to its current mission control center in Waltham, MA.

  15. Rocket Software

    The first Rocketcaster guitar makes its appearance at IBM OnDemand. Since then, dozens more have been given away at subsequent events, and others grace the walls of our Waltham, MA headquarters.

  16. Rocket Software

    The addition of Rocket Data Virtualization makes it easier for customers to access and exploit mainframe data in realtime, helping companies proactively identify fraud, identify new revenue opportunities and deliver more personalized services to customers.

  17. Rocket Software

    The Rocket Band makes its public debut at The Cave, in Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda.

  18. Rocket Software

    Our MultiValue Application Platform portfolio expands with the addition of D3.

  19. Rocket Software

    The addition of Trubiquity EDI and data sharing solutions for B2B supply chains gives Rocket an official presence in Germany.

  20. Rocket Software

    We open our first office in Japan, located in scenic Yokohama.

  21. Rocket Software

    Rocketeers around the world celebrate Rocket’s 25th birthday.

  22. Rocket Software

    We name Joe Devlin and Tim Willging to be our first Distinguished Engineers.

  23. Rocket Software

    In a victory for all Rocketeers, Ernst & Young selected Andy Youniss as New England Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 in the Software category.

  24. Rocket Software

    We’re proud to be part of the founding team behind Zowe, an open source software framework that bridges the divide between modern applications and the mainframe.

We Put Customers and Partners First

Rocket is built on the belief that our products should matter to the people we serve—and it’s a belief we put into practice every day. In fact, creating software that matters is the cornerstone of the core values we impart to Rocketeers on their first day. Every Rocketeer joins knowing that we put you, our customers and partners, first. It’s why we were founded, and it’s been at the center of our story since the beginning. It’s the reason our customers and partners see us as a trusted advisor rather than just another vendor.

We don’t just sell software: we care about your success. We spend our time solving the problems that keep you awake. We build software that matters to you.

Treating You With Humanity

This is the piece that many businesses today get wrong — and it’s what we aspire to get right at Rocket. We are people building software for other people; we put your goals first, and we’re committed to never letting you fail. We strive to treat all our customers and partners as individuals rather than transactions. We’ve worked hard over the past 28 years to earn your trust and treat you with humanity, and we’ll continue to do the same for the next 28.