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Customer Case Studies

South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Increasing service levels, productivity, and data security with Rocket®
South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company (SCFBMIC) is a single-state insurer. SCFBMIC has a presence in 65 sales offices, located in each of South Carolina’s 46 counties, and six Claim Service Centers. SCFBMIC prides itself on its local, agricultural roots, which have shaped its culture and work ethic and ensures customers are treated like people, not policies.
At the turn of the 21st Century, SCFBMIC was still a paper-driven environment. The Claims department and Policy Services department each kept all documents (claims and policy applications, respectively) in physical folders, with copies of the files stored in Claim Centers throughout the state. Ultimately, SCFBMIC recognized that this paper-driven system presented excessive risk to the company. Increased productivity, improved service levels, and information security were all top modernization priorities for SCFBMIC. It sought a content services solution that would improve the archival, retrieval, and secure storage of customer documents and fuel SCFBMIC’s transition away from paper.
  • Efficiency Gains: Eliminated the paper workflow for inter-office work, the microfiche and filming of documents and paper storage in the warehouse.
  • Managed Risk: Increased security through electronic application processing.
  • Optimization: Improved document storage and retention policies to know with confidence where documents are.
Rocket® Mobius provides us with a sense of security. When we had to switch to remote work due to COVID-19, we were ready, because all our processes – archival, retrieval and storage – were electronic with Mobius.
Sterling Martin