Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB)

European Bank Simplifies and Solves Licensing Complexity
Financial & Banking
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB) is a North European financial banking group focused on commitment to customers, simplicity, and collaboration. The Bank offers corporate, institutional, and private banking services including savings accounts, investment banking, securities brokerage services, loans, pensions, and insurance products. SEB has branches throughout Sweden, in Germany and the Baltic States, and is represented in many countries worldwide. SEB worked with Rocket to solve licensing complexity with one vendor relationship for all of their terminal emulation needs.
Operating in over 20 countries, SEB, like many financial institutions, manages a complex IT environment with many disparate back-end systems and toolsets. Facing escalating costs for host access and the complexity of multiple tools and plug-ins, emulation had become both a significant cost driver and barrier to achieving operational excellence. Over more than two decades, the bank’s emulation licenses grew increasingly expensive and complex, making responsibility unclear and wholesale replacement challenging. SEB sought to reduce these complexities while embracing a future oriented towards automation and the use of data and analytics. Central to this drive for operational excellence was evaluating their multiple terminal emulator tools, versions, and suppliers. After centralizing oversight of all terminal tools, SEB discovered it was paying for thousands of licenses across all of its computing platforms. While the team saw a huge opportunity to improve end user experiences and resource management, they were not sure how to get there. With tools deployed on local machines across geographies and customized scripts driving processes, SEB’s outsourced IT provider anticipated a slow and costly project to rebuild the customizations SEB users were accustomed to and deploy them across the organization.
  • Administration and security greatly improved via a single, modern webbased interface
  • Licensing flexibility sets the stage for process automation without additional investment
  • Single vendor sourcing improves collaboration
  • Rocket’s commitment to the terminal emulation market assures the bank that tools will continuously evolve to support them
In Rocket, we found a partner we could trust, which is hard when it comes to Terminal Emulation. That relationship mitigated risk of unknowns and helped us feel like we were in good hands throughout this transition. Their flexible licensing model meant we could include additional scope in our project, without worrying about additional costs.
Daniel Richardson
Area Service Owner, SEB