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Oney Bank

Demystify the Mainframe with Data Intelligence
Financial & Banking
Oney develops innovative payment, financing, and insurance solutions to give everyone the power to improve their daily lives. Oney created split payments in 2008 and is the market leader in BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) in several European countries. Alongside 4,400 merchant and e-merchant partners in nearly 16,000 physical or online points of sale, Oney supports the projects of 7.8 million customers in Europe by offering them simple and fast digital purchasing experiences.
Oney was struggling to manage its application portfolio across the organization’s siloed data sources. Without understanding where data came from, how systems processed it, or how it was being used, Oney was not able to identify which applications were critical to the business and which could (and should) be retired. This made it nearly impossible to evaluate the application portfolio and contain mainframe costs. To gain a better understanding and control of its applications, Oney sought out an information management solution that would create a single source of data and enable the IT team to make more informed decisions about the company’s application portfolio.
  • Impact Analysis: Gained an in-depth understanding of the application portfolio, helping determine the impact of the change introduced by projects.
  • Productivity: Automated capabilities generated valuable time savings, allowing for exhaustive application discovery.
  • Cost Savings: IT teams were able to access critical data and quickly identify applications that are ready for replacement, retirement, outsourcing, or repair.
Rocket Software helps Oney demystify the mainframe and break down silos. Shared, accessible information provides transparency, which allows us to enhance productivity, drive business decisions, and mitigate risk.
Julien Schneider