Northern Territory Government

Streamlines Fleet Management, Boosts Staff Productivity and Data Quality
Public Sector
The Northern Territory (NT) Government is the administrative authority of Australia’s Northern Territory. The Government maintains full legislative power over the region and is responsible for everything from law and order to education, community support, and health services.
The NT Government is constantly seeking to improve productivity and service delivery. The NT Fleet division is responsible for acquiring, registering, and managing over 3700 vehicles. However, staff productivity was constrained by the host-based systems used to enter and manipulate data.
  • Reduced onboarding time for new employees
  • Improved staff productivity by reducing data input times
  • Combined data from disparate systems into a single interface
  • Improved back-end development processes
  • Application modernization
Rocket has helped us reach our goal of providing users with a simple, web-based interface to our back-end mainframe applications. Both user satisfaction and productivity have been significantly improved.
Manager of
Application Services,
NT Government