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A partnership built on legendary customer service
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M&T Bank recently embarked upon a period of renewal to focus even more on customers, believing they had an opportunity to introduce new skills and capabilities to meet evolving needs and expectations. A long-standing partnership with Rocket has helped them realize their vision.

To develop new capabilities that meet its customers’ needs and deliver great experiences, M&T knew it needed to make its mainframe data stores and processes accessible to other computing platforms in near real-time. Considering the security, interoperability, and usability that are unique to mainframe environments, M&T knew it needed a highly skilled partner, and one who that shares its values, and is able to work in lockstep during the planning and execution phases.


M&T’s modernization is happening at record speed, thanks in part to Rocket. Access to real-time information enables service and decision-making based on the most accurate data, helping to mitigate risk and promoting the cultural shift that is essential to successful modernization. Ultimately, this creates better customer outcomes. Gary Fusco, Group Vice President, Infrastructure Engineering and Operations, says, “Our modernization strategy was always centered around leveraging our mainframe data stores and decades of development. Rocket’s collaboration has been a major asset in finding tactical solutions and ensuring success through each stage of execution.” Fusco also participates in executive level round tables with Rocket, because Rocket believes in embodying the value of collaboration at the highest levels. Rocket is available to ensure M&T meets its timelines for solution deployments, in spite of the threat of challenges that arise when introducing a considerable amount of change to an environment. For example, when a high importance case was opened, and an issue arose with the DIH project, Rocket’s customer service team quickly responded with solutions, and worked to remedy the issue. Powe says, “After I opened the case, I got a call right away from Rocket support. We discussed it, and they let us know the quickest resolution. They also accelerated the fixes because they knew how critical this was to us. Now, we’ll still be able to hit our timeline.” As M&T continues to expand and transform, it needs systems that can scale accordingly. With Rocket as a partner, there is already an established relationship to help inform this vision and strategy. M&T can rely on this partnership when sourcing solutions and setting the roadmap for future initiatives, such as its plans to improve reporting capabilities. Modernization is not just about having the right tools, though. The biggest challenges often arise in shifting the organizational mentality surrounding transformation, which is why Rocket prioritizes sharing ideas through collaboration and communication to facilitate innovation. Rocket accommodates the evolving needs of customers with big plans to deliver the flexibility they need in the future and will continue to support M&T in its mission to “never be too big to care.”

Our modernization strategy was always centered around leveraging our mainframe data stores and decades of development. Rocket’s collaboration has been a major asset in finding tactical solutions and ensuring success through each stage of execution.
Gary Fusco
Group Vice Present, Infrastructure Engineering and Operations, M&T Bank