Major U.S. Telecommunications Company

Optimizing data repositories to safeguard critical information

A major U.S. telecommunications company was struggling to manage high volumes of data restore requests and storage efficiently. To reduce the load on overall mainframe storage and maintain target storage utilization levels for day to day operations, the company began to limit the amount of historical data users could restore per request. Changes in the business environment generated increases in the number of requests from users to the Help Desk team. The increased volume of requests also impacted other critical Help Desk service and support activities, as well as delaying access to the needed information for users. Since they had multiple Rocket EOS 360 output management systems across the enterprise the company needed to enhance the historical data retrieval workflow and give users access to all information they required.


Using the Rocket EOS 360 web API, the organization developed a web-based online application that allowed the 5,000 EOS 360 users across the company to list and request restores from the archives to meet their requirements. Using direct links with EOS 360, the application could also submit the restore requests directly into the scheduled restore process. Through additional options provided to the users, the API application could also manage the release of the restore and free the storage at user’s request. EOS 360’s data output management capabilities made the restore workflow more efficient and secure, which allowed the telecommunications company to integrate seamlessly with their mainframe and applications. Now, they can manage the dedicated storage environment efficiently while providing greater access to historical data in support of business requirements. With EOS 360, the company has been able to reduce the time spent by service desk agents on EOS issues by 30 percent. .

“For our company, access to data is imperative. Due to the increased volume of restoration requests and requirements to manage storage efficiently, user access to historical information was limited. By implementing the EOS 360 API, we were able to integrate easily with the mainframe environment and create an effective, secure online application solution. With time spent on EOS 360 issues reduced by 30 percent, service desk agents are able to spend more time helping other enterprise users.”
Craig Hilburn
Senior Solutions Engineer
Rocket Software