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Customer Success

Large U.S.-Based Institution of State Colleges and Universities

Delivering exceptional outcomes and user experiences
With over two dozen colleges, seven universities, and 50-plus campuses across the state, this institution is one of the top five state college and university systems in the United States. Each year over 300,000 students attend classes, and 153,000 professionals attend training programs offered to the state’s businesses. As the single largest provider of higher education in the state, it relies on a hybrid of proven and modern technologies to sustain its sprawling operations.
To provide students with a cutting-edge digital learning experience, this institution onboarded various modern technology solutions while maintaining decades-old proven systems. Over the years, this hybrid approach resulted in IT infrastructural complexity that was a burden for the IT team to maintain, and a jarring user experience for faculty, staff, and students.
  • IT improvements: Seamless integration of proven and modern technologies lightened the IT team’s maintenance load.
  • Modern: Students gained access to the modern digital learning experience they expected while faculty and staff enjoyed a modern user experience.
  • Efficient: Proven systems continued to efficiently handle financial balances, fee payments, and student enrollment in a modern IT environment.
Our biggest concern was if everything would still work once we migrated to Oracle, and it did. We let Uniface connect to the database and do all the work. That worked out really well for us.
Dave Willford, Enterprise IT Leader