Rapidly increased annual revenue and reduced transaction times.
Information Technology and Services
Founded in 1992, Jigsaw24 is a UK-based provider of technology solutions, managed services, and strategic consulting focused on Apple products. Its portfolio includes managed and productized services and solutions, as well as specialized infrastructure for media and end-user creative technologies used for design and print.
In the late 1990s, it became increasingly apparent that the slow and disconnected systems used for order processing, inventory management, picklist assembly, and shipping were leading to an increase in errors throughout the business, inhibiting further growth.
  • Increased annual revenue by 8x
  • Constrained Information Services overhead, reducing need for added staff and freeing budget for strategic initiatives
  • Created modular customer portals, improving customer experience and reducing transaction times by 80%
  • Inventory and warehouse management, purchasing, sales order processing, financials
MultiValue Application Platform
Rocket UniVerse enables our team to measure, deliver, and constantly improve our offerings on a truly agile basis. Simply put, we are able to quickly meet the demands of the business as it continues to grow.
Neil Box
DevOps and IS&T Director