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Modernizing the retail customer experience

As more consumers turn to online ordering and delivery for everyday necessities, retailers are responding with better, more user-friendly web and mobile portals. This means that retail companies must have a strong merchandising strategy in place so that the necessary products are replenished and available at the right time. That’s why this retail management solutions provider turned to us to help modernize their product user interface.


To begin the modernization project for their next software release, the client decided to recreate their entire user interface using Rocket® LegaSuite® Web. This translated into rebuilding more than 4,400 screens—assuming one day per screen to build, test and deliver manually in HTML5, the project would have taken nearly 20 years to complete. With LegaSuite Web, the project only took just over 18 months to deliver. The update was further supported by our Professional Services team, which was able to guide the project and keep it on track. The company is now building the LegaSuite expertise in-house, with Rocket increasing the development team’s productivity by providing additional training to their staff. The company is also considering the addition of the Rocket Aldon ALM and DevOps suite to manage their development process.

“This company’s retail store customers need to be agile in responding to rapid changes in inventory, and by updating its web-based user experience, they can provide software that’s intuitive and easy to navigate—a competitive advantage in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space.”
Puneet Kohli
Vice President, Power IBM i & Other
Rocket Software