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Healthcare Systems Software Provider

Enhancing patient care and reducing risk

When you’re focused on saving lives, every second counts. While ensuring that patients are billed correctly is extremely important, the volume of records that must be sorted and shared can present a challenge to healthcare staff. More time spent on organizing patient files means less time physicians and administrators have to improving patient care. This North American software provider understands the vital role that technology plays in supporting operational efficiency. That’s why they’ve spent over 45 years delivering a host of healthcare system solutions to more than 5,000 facilities to optimize their electronic health records (EHR) and billing processes.

The software provider also offers sophisticated analytics that alert doctors to potentially dangerous drug interactions for specific individuals. With the ability to verify patient records and ensure the accurate medication and dosage are administered, healthcare providers rely on this company’s technology to treat their patients with minimal risk.

Customization is an essential component of these solutions, especially since every healthcare facility has its own systems and specifications. Some of the provider’s clients want a turnkey platform, while others need more complex applications developed for them. It was becoming difficult for the software provider to update all of their clients in a timely manner. With the deployment and maintenance of each application becoming increasingly time consuming, they needed a way to accelerate product delivery and enhancements


By implementing Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager, the provider is now able to automate the deployment process, which reduces their development team’s manual efforts, saves time, and minimizes errors. Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager ensures the appropriate files are packaged and sent to the right clients exactly when they need them. Log tracking and verification capabilities also offer the provider greater visibility into the entire process. Because it can be used with any platform, Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager is a flexible solution that allows the provider to deploy their software across multi-platform production environments.

With the help of Rocket, the clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities that the software provider serves can spend less time manually keeping track of patient records. This means doctors and administrators can focus more on giving patients the care that they need. Together, the software provider and Rocket plan to continue reducing downtime for clients during the deployment process so that they can always access crucial patient records and billing information.

“With Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager, we’re able to automate the deployment process and reduce our development team’s manual efforts. This saves time and minimizes errors while ensuring that the appropriate files are packaged and sent to the right clients at the right time.”
Director of Engineering
Healthcare Systems Software Provider