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Hastings Mutual

A proactive approach to content management modernization
Since the early 1980s, Hastings had been working with a Policy Administration System (PAS) developed in-house. The company had leveraged what is today Rocket’s Mobius Content Services Platform with the PAS to classify, manage, and grant access to 4,000 unique document types that spanned back decades on its mainframe system.
Hastings Mutual had been developing and storing mission-critical documents and information on its old infrastructure for over three decades.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to the Rocket Professional Services team and Mobius products, Hastings Mutual has been able to continue providing outstanding service to its clients throughout its migration process without disruption.
  • Time savings: Using Mobius View, Hastings Mutual can make its documents available to end users digitally within seconds compared to minutes with old processes.
  • Cost savings: Hastings has seen a significant cost reduction when running Mobius View compared to other mainframe client viewing tools.
Without the help of Rocket’s Professional Services team to get us started in the right direction, we would have been lost.
John Waldron, Head of Operations, Hastings Mutual