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Groupe Casino

Increased efficiency and simplified IT admin for a retail technology leader
Groupe Casino has an extensive history of technology leadership in the retail industry. It launched the first self-service store more than 70 years ago and introduced the concept of “sell-by dating” 60 years ago. Since 1898, the company has built its brand in France and Latin America, and today it employs more than 200,000 people in those regions.
Groupe Casino’s terminal emulation solution was outdated and needed to be deployed via the web to support its digital transformation journey.
  • Time Savings: The end user compute team can map new users in minutes, and when updates are needed, it only takes 30 minutes instead of a full day of downtime.
  • Headcount: The administration of the solution is simple and carried out by a single person.
  • User Experience: The tool is customized for each department that uses it, and Rocket Software continues to iterate the emulator based on Groupe Casino’s needs.
  • Security: Using TLS 1.3 on backend servers, HTTPS for the web browser, and Active Directory for portal access to the session manager, Casino was able to create centralized management of user rights.

Download French Case Study here.

Rocket Terminal Emulator is incredibly user-friendly and has driven greater efficiency and cost savings than we could have possibly imagined. The Rocket team has been efficient, constructive, and responsive and has continuously adapted the emulator to meet our needs. The tool is so easy to install that we didn’t need professional services. Users can also quickly gain the needed skills and put it to work themselves.
Bertrand Durr
Systems Engineer, Groupe Casino