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Customer Use Case

Global Financial Services Technology Provider

Powering the secure movement of funds for all businesses
Financial & Banking
With more financial institutions moving to a digital environment, the company needed Rocket’s help to develop customer sites that process transactions with speed and reliability every day.

Whether it’s enabling real-time bank notifications so a local store owner knows he has money to pay suppliers, or streamlining concession stand payments at a sporting event so that no one misses a play, technology in the financial sector must be reliable, flexible and robust. As a provider of technology solutions to customers including banks, credit unions and securities processing organizations, this company delivers its signature line of IBM® i-based banking systems to small and medium-sized businesses around the world to ensure transactions remain seamless and secure.

The company needed a comprehensive system that could effectively track development at customer sites. Since many of their customers require enhancements to meet business requirements, it was important to implement a system that could manage the development process accurately and consistently.

  • Choosing Rocket Aldon for both its own internal development as well as development at customer sites
  • Quick reporting capabilities, so customers can see exactly what changes have been made to their systems and when
  • Change management
The company decided on Rocket Aldon for both its own internal development as well as development at customer sites. It tracks all development processes in one system so consultants can develop custom solutions quickly, while maximizing quality and limiting issues that could affect performance later.
Tim Hill
Senior Director, Power & Cloud, IBM Power
Distinguished Engineer
Rocket Software