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Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems

Optimizing the productivity of warehouse operators engaged in put-away/pick
Industrial & Manufacturing
Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems (FSIS) is a global leader in the development and production of inks and consumables for a variety of printing processes including inkjet, screen, textile, label & packaging. FSIS UV inkjet inks fuel a range of class-leading wide-format printer systems, which are distributed worldwide through Fujifilm sales channels. FSIS also develops UV inkjet inks for industrial and wide format OEMs.

Fujifilm’s management philosophy includes constant examination of hundreds of small factors that can be improved upon to create system-wide change and long-term efficiencies. In keeping with that culture of improvement, the IT team focused on optimizing the productivity of FSIS warehouse operators engaged in put-away/picking/packing applications.

A long-time AS/400 user, FSIS powers its ERP, back-office, and warehouse systems on IBM i. The warehouse employs 17 forklift truck operators, who continuously receive, check in and move product from the factory and from external suppliers as well as pick, check, and ship out customer orders. While the forklifts have long been equipped with terminal emulators connecting operators to the ERP system, the user interface for various warehouse picking functions was menu-based, limited to a series of options that needed to be entered manually, requiring heavy use of the keyboard.

Connectivity represented an even greater challenge. Initially, the forklift operators used tablets to link to the core applications via their WiFi network, but they couldn’t always sustain a connection, leading to productivity issues as well as delays. Accordingly, the IT team zeroed in on three key areas: the mobile hardware platform, the connectivity issue, and the UI of the warehouse application.

  • Reduced support calls by 90% within a few months of operation
  • Enhanced employee experience and retention stemming from a cleaner UI and streamlined processes
  • Increased productivity by 15% during recent “wall-to-wall stock check”
  • Warehouse picking application
An Introduction to Rocket API
Combining our ERP system with Rocket LegaSuite Web is making our processes even more efficient. The new system has given the operators bolder, brighter and easier-to-use screens, and has removed the connectivity problems we had before.
Paul Hill
Warehouse Team Leader
Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems