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Crédit Agricole Group (CA-GIP)

Modernizing UX & Reducing Mainframe Costs with Rocket® Mobius
Financial & Banking
Founded in France in 1894, the Crédit Agricole Group (CA-GIP) has been helping families and businesses throughout Europe and parts of Africa manage finances and navigate investment opportunities. The group operates in the three main banking businesses: retail banking, savings management, and corporate and investment banking. 
Crédit Agricole Group needed to implement a modernized distributed output management architecture to reduce its mainframe footprint and associated costs.
  • Modernization: Thanks to Rocket Mobius, CA-GIP was able to modernize and reduce its number of output management solutions—reducing its mainframe footprint and associated costs.
  • Support: With the guidance and expertise of Rocket Software, CA-GIP was able to migrate documents securely from the mainframe to Mobius’ open-source environment.
  • User Experience: Through the modernization of their output management solution, CA-GIP was able to provide a more intuitive user interface and improved experience.

Download the French case study here.

Watch the French case study video here.

Rocket Software’s knowledge of mainframe and distributed environments and the team’s unmatched migration support were integral to the success of this complex project.
Serge Musso
Project and Architecture Manager for the Z environment at CA-GIP