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Brasilcap automates IT operations and accelerates execution times

How the financial services company improved borrower satisfaction
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Brasilcap is a Brazilian company founded in 1995 that provides premium bond products to individual consumers and businesses. Brasilcap has issued millions of bonds over the last 25 years, giving people the financial flexibility to invest in diverse projects and opportunities. What separates Brasilcap from other financial services organizations is the company’s unique portfolio of products that come with attractive perks: prize drawings, contractual guarantees, savings vehicles, charitable donations and more.
Before implementing Rocket® Zena, Brasilcap’s IT ecosystem was becoming increasingly complex. The IT team was struggling to keep up with the company’s workloads, especially since so much was executed manually. Brasilcap’s IT operators had to perform screen-to-screen access and execute business processes manually, none of which could run concurrently. They also relied on spreadsheets and emails to implement access controls across different systems. Overall, Brasilcap’s IT operations were error-prone and slow. Addressing these issues required significant developer time, which took key individuals away from higher value work

After going through an extensive search and proof-of-concept evaluation process, Brasilcap chose Rocket® Zena for its intuitive graphical whiteboarding interface, customizability and exceptional support team. Rocket® Zena guided Brasilcap through a complex, six-month implementation that involved connecting Brasilcap’s many internal systems to Zena. Through Rocket® Zena, Brasilcap operators gained complete visibility into production-level processes, empowering them to identify opportunities to further reduce operational risk. Platform users only have to look in one place to assess IT workloads and performance.

  1. Process visibility: IT operators have more visibility and control over business processes across the company’s financial IT ecosystem.
  2. Automated error handling: Brasilcap can now identify and handle errors more efficiently without developer intervention.
  3. Better customer service: Brasilcap can now deliver better, faster services to bondholders, thanks to its agile IT environment.
Rocket® Zena saved our team valuable time and allowed us to focus more on customer satisfaction.
Marcelo Cantanhede, Executive Manager of IT Services and Governance, Brasilcap