Corporate Responsibility

Rocket Software recognizes its corporate responsibility to promote a sustainable future and to provide our employees and others who work with us with a safe and healthy work environment. The purpose of this Statement on Corporate Sustainability is to outline Rocket’s positions and actions as they relate to promoting these goals.

Environmental Sustainability

Rocket is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities as a global company. We understand how important it is to conserve natural resources, and we strive to make environmental improvements that promote a sustainable future. Rocket’s environmental commitment includes:

  • Complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • Conducting our business in observance of environmentally sound practices
  • Promoting waste reduction and recycling by our employees
  • Ensuring the responsible use of energy in our business practices, including energy conservation and improving energy efficiency

Rocket Software recognizes that as a socially responsible company, environmental protection must be a core commitment of our business. As such, it is Rocket’s policy to provide quality products and services in a manner that best ensures the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities. We currently have had no environmental fines or penalties of a material nature. However, if we do incur any in the future, we will include them on our website.

LEED Certified Headquarters

Rocket’s new corporate headquarters is located at 77 Fourth Avenue, Waltham, Massachusetts in a LEED Gold Certified building. This facility features priority parking for hybrid and zero-emissions vehicles as well as single stream recycling. The building has a reflective roofing system to reduce heat islands that harm wildlife habitats.


Rocket seeks to minimize the generation of waste by encouraging recycling and selecting recycled or recyclable products and materials when possible for use in our facilities. Rocket also promotes the reduction in use of materials and resources in the workplace, especially those that are non-renewable.

Rocket’s corporate offices participate in our landlord’s single stream recycling program in order to make environmentally sound waste management an easy part of our employees’ work day. Our corporate office also takes part in an electronic recycling program for the proper disposal of electronic items that cannot be recycled every day.

Water Conservation

The restrooms in Rocket’s corporate office are equipped with water efficient fixtures. Landscaping is watered by high efficiency drip irrigation.

Energy Conservation

Offices and meeting rooms are equipped with motion sensing technology that automatically turns off lights when the space is unoccupied. Lights throughout the office are set to turn off after working hours to conserve energy.

Rocket is currently working with the landlord at our corporate office to develop a plan to track and reduce electricity usage.

Rocket’s new corporate office data center is designed for optimal energy efficiency through extensive use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. Energy consumption is further reduced on a continuous basis through the use of virtualization and new energy efficient server hardware.

Social Responsibility and Rocket’s Commitment to a Quality Workplace

Rocket is committed to the health and safety of our employees and those who work with us.

Air Quality

Rocket’s corporate headquarters is serviced by cleaning vendors who are held to a "Green Cleaning" requirement. This requirement helps to minimize the impact of cleaning products on the environment and improve indoor air quality. The requirement includes using Green Seal™ approved cleaning products, HEPA (high efficiency particle air) vacuums, dry cleaning for carpets and restroom supply products made from recycled materials.

Smoke-Free Workplace

Smoking is not permitted in offices, hallways, restrooms or other locations inside of the buildings where Rocket has offices.

No Harassment

Rocket is committed to providing a workplace free from gender discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as discrimination and harassment based on an individual’s actual or perceived age, race, color, ancestry, gender, national origin, marital status, veteran status, military status, genetic information, disability or handicap, alienage or citizenship status, religion, creed, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law. Rocket does not tolerate such discrimination against, or harassment of, any of our employees or independent contractors by any partner, supervisor or other employee.


Rocket’s policy is to provide benefits including health insurance, vacation days and holidays to eligible employees who are regularly scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week. For more detailed information, visit the Careers section of our Web site.

updated July 20, 2012