Change Management Software

Change management is one of the most challenging and important issues facing today’s businesses. The rate of change is accelerating all the time. To stay competitive, every business must be nimble and able to respond rapidly to new market requirements. To do so, they need comprehensive change management tools; effective change management is one of the most important factors in overall project success. Studies have shown that organizations that perform well in the marketplace are organizations that have addressed the role of change. Robust change methodologies that help ensure projects meet objectives are fundamental to the success of any business.

Change management software benefits an organization in a host of ways. Rocket DevOps change management tools understand the entire application software environment. They maintain records regarding all the application parts and how they are related. With Rocket DevOps change management tools, it is easy to assess the impact of the change before a line of code is altered. They free your developers from the laborious task of dealing with complex directory and library structures in order to find things. They also provide dashboards and reports in an understandable and useable format that any authorized person can access. Rocket DevOps change management tools increase employee involvement as well as customer satisfaction.

Change request management

The Rocket DevOps change management tools automate the entire change request cycle. Software requirements are defined and managed. Change requests are tracked from inception to completion, monitoring approvals and authorizations. Detailed metrics make it easy to evaluate every aspect of the change cycle. Status updates keep everyone who needs to know in the loop. Rocket DevOps change management software includes the tools to make every change a success and to make every success repeatable.

Software configuration management

Your change management software components are stored in a central inventory that’s accessible by function. The Rocket DevOps change management tools give you access to current information about each component, as well as the ability to define access rules. Comprehensive change release management is available for a wide variety of platforms —Windows, Unix, Linux, or IBM i. Rocket DevOps change management software always includes a comprehensive audit trail.

Distributed development

Your employees may be just down the hall, or they may be in Helsinki. Making sure that all employees are kept in the loop no matter where they are is a major challenge in today’s business environment. Rocket DevOps change management tools make it easy for everyone everywhere to stay informed. Software releases can be tailored for specific teams with limited accessibility for everyone else, or information about changes can be visible to everyone. Companies that need to eliminate departmentalization will find that Rocket DevOps change management software gives employees the tools they need to collaborate and excel.