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Rocket® DevOps dashboards, transparency and collaboration

Enable deep visibility & seamless collaboration via customizable dashboards

Having the latest data or information about a project at hand is essential for the smooth and seamless execution of DevOps. Rocket® DevOps enables real-time visibility and tracking for project teams via customizable dashboards. These can be designed to display the most relevant and real-time data required for agile development and decision-making.

Customizable dashboards create a single source of truth for IT and development functions, where data, reports, and business requirements can be stored centrally for easy access. The resulting transparency and visibility over the entire agile lifecycle allows project owners, managers, and Scrum masters to collaborate and track, analyze, and scope feedback or change requirements, which is true to the spirit of DevOps.  

Quickly know which tasks are still in development and which are ready for testing. Keep the process moving by easily promoting tasks to the next stage.

Customized Dashboards through an Intuitive Portal

Put together the dashboards you need to intuitively guide and manage multiple DevOps projects through various stages of collaborative development. Utilize our dashboards alongside change management software or application lifecycle management software to accelerate application development, implement improvements or patches, and speed time to market

Leverage a Customizable and Intuitive Rocket DevOps Platform to Create:  

  • Users dashboards so anyone (development, QA, IT, auditors, etc.) can quickly understand their tasks

Management information dashboards for decision-makers who need and information about the process and its potential pitfalls and to understand how resources are being utilized  

for your organization’s latest products and services.

Bring Everyone onto the Same Page

With the ability to supercharge collaboration and transparency through real-time visibility over feedback data, Rocket DevOps helps development teams improve their rate of innovation, time-to-market, and CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) processes. It does this by aligning teams with the right information, progress tracking, or performance data. It optimizes agile development lifecycles and ensures development delivers competitive offerings that meet ever-evolving market expectations.

These capabilities are especially important when teams are siloed and collaboration is hampered by cultural differences or process roadblocks. Having a DevOps environment in place like Rocket DevOps helps companies break down those barriers. It provides DevOps tools to support the agile lifecycle and fosters real-time collaboration and transparency across the organization. This minimizes the risk of asynchronous development, speeds up time to market, improves productivity, and aligns stakeholders. 

Additional real-time visibility and collaboration features include the ability to: 

  • View who is working on a task and what they are doing
  • Track enhancement requests from support, to engineering, all the way through deployment
  • Share source code between developers, track actions and edits, and merge code, even with multi-code structures
  • Coordinate across multi-code environments to align timing for testing and release
  • Enable users like automation engineers or QA managers to promote code, trigger a compile-and-build sequence, or move code into testing without needing to know the underlying code
  • Allow IT to deploy to a virtually unlimited number of servers without knowledge of underlying code or the endpoints—no copy and paste, just click to deploy