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Identify threats.
Before they identify you.

Changing Regulations, like DORA and PCI 4.0, as well as the ever-changing threat landscape, are redefining mainframe security. Meet these regulations by leveraging the most precise vulnerability management technology and penetration testing on the market, while tackling unauthorized open source code and recovering specific data sets from a single point in time within hours — not weeks.

Rocket Software equips organizations to de-risk their modernization initiatives by being proactive against all of these changes. We empower customers with the most precise vulnerability management technology on the market, penetration testing, precise data recovery in hours, and up-to-date support around open source tools aligned with NIST standards. Choose Rocket to de-risk your modernization initiatives.

Mainframe Security Solutions Suite

Rocket z/Assure® Vulnerability Analysis Program

Harness z/Assure® VAP – the exclusive tool that automatically scans and pinpoints vulnerabilities within your mainframe operating system code.
Learn more about Rocket z/Assure® Vulnerability Analysis Program

Mainframe Penetration Testing

Delve deep into your z/OS security framework through top-tier, expert-led vulnerability assessments with our mainframe penetration testing.
Learn more about Mainframe Pen Testing

Conversion Services

We leverage a proven and tested methodology to partner with organizations to perform Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) security conversions from CA ACF2® and CA Top Secret® to IBM® RACF®.
Learn more about Conversion Services

Open AppDev for Z

Stay secure and compliant with over 20 open-source languages and tools thoroughly tested, scanned and certified to run on z/OS®, and access the most recent versions and fixes to CVEs.
Learn more about Open AppDev for Z

Integrity Assessments

Enable your enterprise to gauge risk exposure and fortify your defenses against breaches that can lead to financial repercussions or regulatory infringements.
Learn more about Integrity Assessments

Compliance Assessments

Empower security teams to build a continuous process for identifying and alerting on instances in which critical system configurations drift from policy, while mitigating excessive access.
Learn more about Compliance Assessments

Rocket® Data Recovery for Dell zDP

Our data recovery management solution responds to ransomware attacks in a matter of hours - not days or weeks - to comply with stringent regulations that require hourly downtime by design.
Learn more about Rocket® Data Recovery for Dell zDP

The Rocket Advantage

Unmatched Precision in Vulnerability Management

Rocket Software sets the industry benchmark with the most advanced mainframe vulnerability management and penetration testing available. With a false positive rate of just 0.08%, we ensure that security teams can tackle true threats for optimal risk management oversight.

Rapid Response to Ransomware

Respond to ransomware attacks in a matter of hours — not days or weeks — with Data Recovery Manager, the most lightweight and fast technology that can recover specific datasets.

Modernize with Rocket Software. Without disruption.