Flexibility and scalability

Create efficient business applications that go anywhere—and everywhere

Today, almost any new application needs to be developed for multiple application platforms and web browsers. Whether users need to access data from mobile devices, a web browser, or a desktop or laptop PC, Rocket® D3 and mvBase DBMS solutions let you work in any framework.

Take your data and processes anywhere—and everywhere

Rocket D3 and mvBase DBMS solutions can manage diverse types of data. Use our data connectivity tools to connect with Oracle® databases (open, read, write, and select data from Oracle databases) and other RDBMS tables (using ODBC or messaging), and easily create and deploy MultiValue web services for D3, exposing both Pick/BASIC subroutines and Access queries (AQL) as web services. 

Rocket D3 and mvBase DBMS help you take your existing character-based applications to the web by creating easy-to-use graphical user interfaces for MultiValue applications. Read/write in real time with full-featured web-to-MultiValue connectivity—D3 and mvBase DBMSs can read and write to web pages natively and in real time. You can make it easy for mobile, web, and desktop applications (and their components) to work together, delivering their combined power to users.

It's no wonder that thousands of organizations—from small or medium businesses to large enterprises—use D3 solutions to solve their business problems and boost business performance.


As your business grows, Rocket D3 DBMS solutions can grow with it. Your applications can scale from the smallest workgroup to thousands of concurrent users.