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Rocket UniData®

A MultiValue application platform for developing fast, flexible and secure applications

Rocket UniVerse

Better at managing heavy workloads and enables your critical applications to handle higher-than-usual traffic spikes.

Rocket jBASE®

Rocket® jBASE provides a unique native architecture allowing your applications to run natively on the operating system.

Rocket AccuTerm®

The most popular terminal emulator for MultiValue just got better with a web interface and dozens of exciting new features.

Rocket D3

Get your applications to market faster when you combine data connectivity tools with rapid application development tools.

Rocket D3 Hot Backup

The Hot Backup system for the D3 AIX, Linux and Windows platforms can be an integral part of your overall technology strategy.

Rocket D3 OpenDB

Rocket® D3 Open Database solutions, your Rocket D3 DBMS can access remote Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) tables anywhere.

Rocket D3 Oracle Gateway

Rocket® D3 Oracle Gateway is an OSFI interface that allows D3 programmers to open, read, write, and select data from Oracle® databases.

Rocket FlashConnect

Developers can take existing character-based applications to the web by creating handy graphical user interfaces for MultiValue applications

Rocket mvBase DBMS

mvBase DBMS is a high performance database engine with flexible fields for data organization within a Windows environment.

Rocket MVS Toolkit

Rocket® D3 MVS Toolkit enables developers to easily create and deploy MultiValue web services for the Rocket D3 DBMS.

Rocket OpenQM™

The QMClient API enables developers to access OpenQM from other languages such as Visual Basic and C.

Rocket U2 Clients

Be empowered by standard drivers to connect a variety of tools and high-speed, native APIs.

Rocket U2 DBTools

U2 BDT provides a modern integrated development environment, and consists of a set of Eclipse plug-ins for working with U2 BASIC programs.

Rocket U2 Toolkit for .NET

Rocket® U2 Toolkit for .NET Provider offers a free .NET data provider interface for Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData®.

Rocket wIntegrate®

Rocket® wIntegrate provides a secure and powerful user interface for MultiValue databases.