A Clear View to Modernization: Rocket® Intelligent Legacy Automation 10.2.0

November 1, 2022

As technology evolves, the appetite to modernize business operations grows. With more organizations prioritizing the implementation of automation and other innovative technologies and practices to keep up with consumer demands and remain competitive, businesses that continue to leverage IBM i mainframe technology are realizing that the modernization of legacy systems has gone from a “nice to have” to a necessity. However, this has proven to be no easy task, with many organizations beginning—but failing—to complete modernization plans for legacy systems due to poorly directed time and resources.

With 80% of IT professionals agreeing that the reliability and resilience of the mainframe are still critical to business operations, according to Rocket Software’s 2022 survey report: The State of the Mainframe, companies need the tools necessary to ensure a successful mainframe modernization project.

This week, Rocket Software released the latest version of Rocket® Intelligent Legacy Automation (Rocket ILA) 10.2.0. Rocket Software’s Rocket ILA 10.2.0 suite of modernization products saves users both time and money by creating a data-informed and personalized blueprint of key workflows associated with applications in use and assists teams in finding the best course of action to successfully modernize IBM i mainframe technology. The enhanced view and insights into their modernization journey provided by Rocket ILA 10.2.0 products allow IT professionals to strategize and build smarter, more effective modernization plans.

With the new and innovative tools, like Rocket Process Insights, Rocket ILA 10.2.0 users can:

  • See a 360-degree view of the functions their IBM i applications perform
  • Prioritize projects that best deliver higher value to the enterprise and help build a smart modernization plan
  • Streamline the creation of automation robots and APIs built on data-informed workflows and processes
  • Create a centralized view of robots and API development and deployment
  • Improve business alignment by building APIs that integrate legacy applications with other business critical apps

"Today’s businesses rely on their IBM i systems for running hundreds of critical applications that are vital to their operations. For those businesses, a data-informed IBM i modernization plan will immediately and positively impact business productivity and ROI,” said Peter Rutten, Research Director, Performance Intensive Computing Solutions at IDC. “Rocket ILA's Process Insights delivers needed insights into workflows that enable businesses to modernize and evolve their IBM i platforms without disruption to current operations.”

The advancements to Rocket ILA 10.2.0 enable teams to run Rocket Process Insights every time they start a new phase of their modernization plan, ensuring concise, data-driven decisions through each and every stage of modernization. For more than 30 years, Rocket Software has helped IBM customers optimize their IBM i infrastructure and deliver enhanced user and developer experiences from a modern, agile environment. With the release of Rocket ILA 10.2.0, Rocket continues to dismantle the barriers hindering IBM i users from successful mainframe modernization.

To learn more about Rocket ILA 10.2.0 and Rocket Process Insights, request a demo or download the whitepaper.