What’s new in Rocket BlueZone Web

New releases of Rocket® BlueZone® and BlueZone Web now available

New releases of Rocket® BlueZone® and Rocket BlueZone Web are now available for download. Both releases build on our commitment to deliver high quality solutions for our customers.

BlueZone Web 1.2.1

Highlights for BlueZone Web 1.2.1 include general enhancements and bug fixes, as well as improvements to:

  • 5250 protocol
  • User interface features, including access to function keys such as Erase Input, Erase Field, etc
  • Administration Console features, such as security authentication, administration roles, and port settings
  • Macros/scripts
  • Zowe compatibility*

BlueZone 8.1.1

Easily manage setup for host sessions as well as access and controls for users and groups. Ensure compliance to organizational policies, deliver better user experiences, and provide fast and improved terminal emulator support.

  • Session management: Create and manage multiple sessions.
  • User management: Create new users and groups. Assign users to different groups, and more.
  • User controls: Manage which users or groups have the ability to record, edit and add scripts, as well as create and customize host sessions.
  • Batch processing: Easily import and assign controls and groups to new users in batches.