Rocket Terminal Emulator (Web Edition)

Cost-effective, real-time access to enterprise applications—anytime, anywhere

Rocket® Terminal Emulator (WE), formerly Rocket® BlueZone® Web, is a secure, browser-based terminal emulator for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, with nothing to install locally and no plug-ins required. Rocket Terminal Emulator (WE) delivers access to your critical host systems from any device, at any location, and gives IT leaders scalable licensing options that lower the cost of migrating from older terminal emulators. With exceptional configurability, this enterprise-class tool will delight users with ongoing innovation from Rocket.

Why Rocket Terminal Emulator (WE)?

  • Empower your workforce with anytime, anywhere access to host systems
  • Reduce the administrative overhead for terminal emulation
  • Modernize your host-based systems while reducing IT spending


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