Risk-free migration

Consolidate tools and expense while minimizing business disruption

Rocket® BlueZone® Terminal Emulation solutions can transform your existing terminal-based applications quickly, and for a fraction of the cost of incumbent emulation technologies.

Our migration expertise—along with built-in conversion tools and best practices—minimizes the risk and business disruption of moving off your current tool(s).

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
The conversion process is smooth and risk-free

Terminal emulation technologies play an important role when it comes to modernizing some of the most critical applications and platforms in your business, including IBM® z Systems® (3270), IBM® i ( 5250), UNIX /DEC (VT), HP NonStop Tandem (6530), Unisys (T27 & UTS) and Secure FTP servers. With more than 20 years of experience in protocol conversion, Rocket is an expert in converting incumbent technology without interrupting your business operations.  

If you already have a first-generation emulator installed, we make the conversion process is smooth and risk-free. In fact, the only real risk is continuing to pay high vendor maintenance fees when more modern, cost-effective terminal emulation solutions exist at a fraction of the cost.

Migrate safely from incumbent emulation tools

Replacing incumbent tools with a more-modern, cost-effective tool can still be daunting. In many companies, terminal emulation has been embedded deeply into the business over the course of many years. Terminal emulation applications are often connected by a web of macros, scripts, and workarounds developed by long-departed employees. 

Rocket has helped many customers safely migrate away from incumbent emulation tools. For example: 

  • We helped a major logistics provider quickly identify and replace all existing tie-ins to a previous terminal emulation system when a failed security audit revealed vulnerabilities that would be costly to correct.
  • We helped a regional utility replicate existing macros in its terminal emulation replacement solution, smoothing the transition.
  • We helped a Fortune 500 telecommunications company with an annual emulation maintenance bill in excess of $1 million migrate away from their incumbent vendor quickly—saving 65% on maintenance and eliminating onerous licensing terms.
  • We helped an automotive manufacturer consolidate emulation tools after a merger.