Protect your data reliably and cost-effectively

Reduce production outages while preventing data loss and business damage

Your data and applications need to be highly available and disaster-proof. The Rocket® MultiValue Application Platform, renowned for its reliability, runs critical operations worldwide. However, today’s demand for 24x7 business, increased server workloads, and increasing rates of floods or other disasters means organizations must properly prepare with a High Availability/Disaster Recovery plan.

Accommodate growing business demands for high availability of apps and data

Users increasingly want to support new capabilities such as BI and analytics. They expect 7x24 access to the system (putting pressure on maintenance windows), and won’t accept data loss.  An HA/DR implementation for Rocket® MultiValue (MV) DBMS and Application Servers can mean the difference between hitting or missing these expectations.

An effective MultiValue HA/DR strategy can help with several critical business needs, including:

  • Offload critical workloads—for example, data warehousing or BI to a parallel instance, to avoid impacting production users.
  • Expand maintenance windows while maintaining 7x24 service to users.

Deliver against DR SLAs or compliance requirements, knowing you can recover quickly from potentially business-damaging incidents.